TAR 12P & TBP 12 Product Information


In an effort to address recent feedback and customers inquires regarding what accessories are included with the TBP 12 and TAR 12P Series of shotguns we at Tokarev USA wanted to make an announcement.

These shotguns ship from the factory with; Polymer Sight Set, One 5rd. Magazine, Choke Tube Kit and Owners Manual.

**These shotguns DO NOT INCLUDE  a cheek riser and/or

 Forward Grip.**

We have been made aware in recent weeks of a number of 3rd party advertisements/listings of the TAR 12P and TBP 12 Shotguns that show or list certain accessories that are not included from the factory. Images of previous models and pre-production samples may have shown these but we have not included these accessories on current production models of the TBP 12 and TAR 12P firearms.